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Support Coordination

Coordination of Supports


The primary role of a funded Support Coordinator is to:

  • Support the implementation of all supports in the plan, including informal, mainstream and community, as well as funded supports.

  • Coordinate assessments, reports and service proposals.

  • Capture any required data for the NDIA.

  • Identify strategies and solutions for managing risks such as aging carer, sustaining informal supports, sustainability of housing.

  • Identify and seek relevant assessments and associated services for participants with risk behaviours and behaviours of concern.

  • Support the Participant through identifying and selecting providers, monitoring plan outcomes and plan expenditure.

  • Strengthen and enhance the participants abilities to self-direct their own supports and participate in the community

  • Ensure mainstream services meet their obligations (i.e. housing, education, justice, health).

  • Provide the NDIA with reports on outcomes and success indicators within the agreed reportingfrequency.

Funded Coordination of Supports is not:

  • Paid advocacy

  • Rostering and administration of individual supports

  • Plan Management

  • The Support Coordinator will submit regular progress reports to the NDIA in the format required

Support Coordination details: Feature
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