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Privacy and Consent

Collection of information

  • The information that NQ Enable may request from a person will vary depending on whetherthe person is receiving a service from NQ Enable, or is a stakeholder.

  • NQ Enable will collect relevant information directly from the person where possible, and as far as reasonably practicable will ensure the person understands and agrees to the collection of this information

  • NQ Enable may collect the information from another person who has legal responsibility for the person or who acts as a recognised Representative/Nominee for the person.

  • NQ Enable only collects information for purposes directly related to the delivery of service.

  • The Service will only disclose information relating to a person with their consent, except in specified circumstances including emergencies or as required or permitted by law.

  • There are some circumstances where NQ Enable may receive information that was not requested.When this happens, NQ Enable will use their discretion to determine whether the information should be acted on or followed up.

  • NQ Enable does not sell or give away any information that the Service collects.

Collection of Information: Feature
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