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NQ Enable acknowledges that all people who have a disability have the choice and control to change service providers, or have more than one single service provider, and therefore the right to change or terminate the delivery of services at their own discretion.

Withdrawal or Termination of Services by a Participant

NQ Enable acknowledges that Participants have choice and control in the delivery of their supports. In line with this a Participant may terminate their Individual Service Agreement at any time with a minimum of 14 days written notice to NQ Enable

As part of our commitment to quality service delivery and continuous improvement, NQ Enable will endeavour to ascertain the reason for the termination of services by the Participant.

Withdrawal or Termination of Services by the Provider

The Service Agreement may be cancelled by NQ Enable if:

  • The Participant and/or their Nominee fails to do what is required of them under the terms of their Individual Service Agreement

  • The Participant and/or their Nominee fails to comply with the policies and procedures of NQ Enable

  • The Participant and/or their Nominee fails to communicate and provide information pertaining to changes to support needs

  • Workplace Health and Safety considerations are ignored

  • Communication has broken down between the Parties and/or

  • Payment for support and/or expenses has not been received as per the Individual ServiceAgreement.

  • Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme Terms of Business for Registered Providers, withdrawal or termination of services must be no less than 14 days. However, NQ Enable will always work in the best interest of the Participant to achieve a safe transition to a new provider of services.

  • Upon termination of the Individual Service Agreement by either party, NQ Enable will take steps toensure:

  • The cancellation of service has been reported to the National Disability Insurance Agency

  • All support that has been provided under the terms of the Service Agreement have been claimed and

  • The Participant has alternative support solutions in place for their own safety andwellbeing.

Withdrawal or Termination of Services: Features
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